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Country : Canada
Job category – Construction Jobs

Construction Jobs in Canada
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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Tourist Visa

You have a valid passport
You are in good health
You have the financial resources means required to pay for your expenses while in Canada
You have a residence outside Canada and other binding ties that will ensure your return home after your visit to Canada
You plan to remain in Canada for a specific and limited period of time
You intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit
You have no intention to seek or undertake employment while in Canada
You have no criminal record

Job Status: Full Time

Language: Fluent in English and Preferred Language

Construction employees work on construction sites. they’re liable for a variety of on-the-scene
work, like removing the scrap, construction system, loading and unloading building materials, and aiding with operative serious instrumentation.

Construction Worker description
We are seeking a hard-working and reliable journeyman to affix our team. you’ll participate during a sort of construction comes and follow construction plans and directions from the location supervisor. though expertise isn’t essential, you’ll got to physically work and a quick learner.

To achieve success during this position, you’ll work well as a part of a team, get pleasure from operating outdoors, and be able to perform strenuous physical tasks.

Construction Worker Responsibilities:
Preparing construction sites, materials, and tools.
Loading and unloading of materials, tools, and instrumentation.
Removing scrap, garbage, and dangerous materials from sites.
Assembling and breaking down barricades, temporary structures, and system.
Assisting contractors, e.g. electricians and painters, PRN.
Assisting with transport and operation of serious machinery and instrumentation.
Regulating traffic and construction traffic signs.
Following all health and safety laws.
Digging holes, tunnels, and shafts.
Mixing, pouring, and leveling concrete.
Construction Worker Job Requirements:
No formal qualification is needed, though a high school credential is also the most well-liked.
Similar work expertise is also helpful.


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