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Job Description
Company posting American Bartender job in Tokyo, Japan Job Opening for English-speaking Bartender at a High class restaurant.
Country :-Job in Japan, American Bartender
Working Area:-Tokyo
Employment Type: Full-time
Nationality: all
Language:-Japanese and English
Job Description:
Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and patrons. Interacting with customers, taking orders and serving snacks and drinks. Assessing bar customers’ needs and preferences and making recommendations.

japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples and lots of different restaurant .
No country is immune to stereotypes and generalizations. However, opinions about a country and their inhabitants are not always negative. In fact, Japan has many positive attributes.

One may say the Japanese are formal, disciplined, and are bound by traditions and rituals. Nonetheless, there is so much more in depth regarding these characteristics.

Many have heard of the traditional greeting in Japan, which is bowing during any given exchange. Greetings are very formal and ritualized in Japan. It is important to display the correct amount of respect based upon their status relative to your own. Even though, this may be true, handshakes are common in Japan as well, which is expected from foreigners.
Japanese people are very conscious about one’s age and status, be it in a social or business situation. Traditionally, seniority has been the main qualification for a higher rank. It is emphasized in Japan that younger people show respect and deference when socializing with their seniors.

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